Friday, August 28, 2009

...Fashion Friday: Esquire's "Men's Fall 2009 Fashion"...

Step your game's fashion Friday.

...J. Cole - Lights Please...

Much respect to this man. I've been following a lot of the 'freshmen' and their music, and I have to say J. Cole is definately one of my favorites. His lyrical skills are amazing and he still adds that 'mainstream' feel to it.

This is one of my favorite songs, off his "Warm-Up" mixtape. If you don't have it yet, download it because you're missing out on genuine music.

Keep doin ya thing, homie.

...What's Happenin, Love?...

Off the "Coolest Kid In School"...not only a great song, but now a trending pickup line LOL.

Download Here

Saturday, August 22, 2009

...Could've Been You Unofficial Remix (featuring 50 Cent & R. Kelly)...

This is a remix I recorded a couple months back and ended up throwing it on 'Coolest Kid In School' as a bonus. Enjoy!

...New Music: Birdman (featuring Drake & Lil' Wayne) - Money To Blow [Produced By Drumma Boy]...

New music by the Cash/Young Money camp. I truly support Wayne and what he's doing with the Young Money movement. Drake's killin it right now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

...If He Only Knew...

"If He Only Knew" (featuring Nes) 'Coolest Kid In School' know what it is.

...and we won't stop.

...Music Is My Life...

What do you look for in good music?

Catchy melodies, nice beats, good lyrics, good vibes right? So let me do what I does best. A lotta people don't understand, it's an industry...making music gets you paid therefore it's a job.

I am well aware that for some it's also a lifestyle and my style, in your thoughts might "not be hiphop" or "can't be accepted in the game."

It's no secret hip-hop changed over the years, and old school hip hop is considered dead by some but why not embrace this new generation? Let the new kids get their money man. If they can get listeners and fans then who the fuck is there to stop'em and tell'em you can't do that?

Hip hop is not dead, but it might be considered only to the older MC's and fans, and why? Because that's what they grew up listening to. I know some younger generation folks also can't stand the Soulja Boys and the Kanyes but I hope whoever you are you can learn to take it like me and not be ignorant about it. You don't like an artist or his song? Turn the station, put a cd that you do like in or something. The last thing you should do though is try to bash them for their music, cause in my mind that just makes you look like a fuckin hater.

For the record, I'm a big Kanye fan and Soulja Boy is mos def doin his thing. Intelligence is key.

Am I a rapper? Nah, I wouldn't say it. I create art, therefore I'm an artist. All my peoples think I create good music, but the point is even if they didn't, it would not bother me. I mean, I love to listen to opinions and maybe hear some advice, but at the end of the day, it's all about me and what I wanna do. I don't have a story, or a "thug" background that I come from and I'm not related to anyone famous or anyone in the music biz, but so what. It's a new fuckin day people, so get with it or sit down.

I just try to make the best music people wanna listen to, period. And in my eyes that's what it's about, the people. So if I wrote a song about a girl leaving me, or a club experience or anything, it doesn't always mean its for me. I try to create stories that can relate to everyone so when people hear it they can sing along and be like, "I feel this dude man I'm goin through the same shit" or "I know a crazy bitch like that too".

Music for everyone. Music you can relate to, music that can inspire you, music that you can bump just cause it sounds good.

Give it a chance, and listen to it. You won't be disappointed. After is my life.

I breathe it, I eat it, I fuck it every night in my bed.

...She's Talkin Crazy...

For the girls you just can't seem to get away the 'Coolest Kid In School' mixtape.

Link -

PS: If you really do have a problem with that, buy the book by Jason Mitchell. Here's the link...

Why not?

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to have recently met someone. You may be attracted to her. She may seem sweet. But do not, I repeat, do not be caught off guard. Are you prepared to recognize a Stage 5 Clinger when you see one—before it’s too late?

How can you tell if you’ve encountered one of these specimens? Know the warning signs. Has your date ever:

Curled up in your back seat instead of exiting the vehicle when you drop her off?

Caused you to exceed your text message limit for the month—in a matter of days?

Tricked you into meeting her mother?

Invited herself over during the game to give you a surprise?

Frightened other women just for speaking with you?

If this sounds familiar, you need to run, not walk, to the nearest safe location. You are in danger and should take immediate shelter.

That is, unless you’re Jason Mitchell. Realizing the benefit that first-hand knowledge of this species could bring to his fellow man, and finding himself in a unique position to gather that knowledge, Jason has valiantly decided to “take one for the team.” Without reservations, he has crossed over to the other side. He has boldly gone where very few men have gone before, and luckily for the entire dating population, he has lived to tell the tale. No longer will the male population find themselves in this perilous situation without suitable mental armament. This invaluable field guide will take you deeper into Stage 5 Clinger country than any researcher has ever come—until now.

Chronicles of a Stage 5 Clinger is as valuable a resource as you will ever find. Arm yourself with theChronicles, a beer, and a trusty wingman; you just might save yourself a lot of unnecessary grief. Jason: we salute you.

...New Music: Rakim - Holy Are You...

One of the first. Pay your respect, he's back.

...Coolest Kid In School...

Here it is. My debut mixtape.

Petey - Coolest Kid In School.