Wednesday, May 19, 2010

...New Music: Justin Timberlake - "Touch You If I Could"...

So much respect for this man. His talent, his records, his writing is unbelievable. I gotta say him & Usher are definitely my top 2 favorite R&B artists of all time. Here's a new joint, world premiere.

Listen & Download here.

...New Music: Alicia Keys - "Unthinkable Remix (featuring Drake)"...

This is one of my all-time favorite songs, such a beautiful piece of music. Here's the remix with Drake, just released.

Listen & Download here.

...So Far, So Good [2010]...

Here a few photos from the performances I've done so far this year. I'm proud to say that, so far, it's been a good year and it will only get better. I will update with the location and date of the next show. Come out and support good music!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Let's Go Mets!

...New Music: French Montana "She Loves It (featuring Masspike Miles)"...

This is one of my top 5 favorite artists in the game right now, French Montana definitely doing his thing. Off the 'Mac & Cheese 2' mixtape, which I downloaded the second it dropped. If you haven't yet, you should go do it right now, that mixtape goes hard. And besides that, it's great hip hop music.

"I'm the street version of Drake..." -French Montana

...Thank You's...

As the completion of my first official mixtape gets closer, I would like to take the time and thank a few people for the things they've done to help/support/assist me with not only my music, but also support me as a friend.

"RePete" will have front and back cover art, but by it being available for digital download, this means there will obviously be no booklet. So I figured I'd write my "Thank You's" in this little note dedicated to you. I would appreciate it if you would take the time and read this the whole way through.

There is still a heavy load of work to be done, and thousands of miles to be traveled before I get to the exit, bringing me to the music business. And this is only if I continue to strive for what I believe I was born to do, and anyone that knows me, knows I've been working on my music for the longest. Not only working, but talking about music in general, debating, listening, and simply making music a part of the soundtrack to my life.

Before anything, I want to express the love I have for my family. I'm sure all of you feel the same way about yours. Through hard times, my parents have been by my side every minute of it. Through hard times, my sisters have shown great support to me, and for that I just want to thank you both. Just yesterday I remember us putting on pretend concerts in our room, and now I'm proud to say you've both grown up to be beautiful, independent women and I know for a fact, you both will do great on your journeys.

I've loved music ever since I can remember, and what brought me into fuckin' with it was my love for writing. In my junior high school days, I started writing short stories, poems, etc., eventually combining my passion for music with my love for writing.

I've come a long way with my talent, and I'd like to thank a few people who have helped me build my character and who have shown a great deal of support.

The Crew:

I'll start off by thanking one of my best friends, and a person who I've always looked at as a big brother, Manny. I think it's safe to say bro, you were a huge part in getting me started with recording. Everything from investing in microphones and programs, to lending me what I needed to finish my projects. And not only that, but you've sat down with me and had conversations about my whole movement. Not a lot of people might realize it, but it's heartfelt whenever someone will take time out to show interest in my life and what I do. For that, I wanna thank you bro. And simply for everything you've done for me, I wanna make sure you understand I will never lose the love I have for you. I will make sure I work my hardest so one day, we can look back and reminisce on giving my career a kickstart together.

Next up, my brothers from another mother, George and Nick. Through everything we've experienced, you both have always been true to me. Through all the tough days you've been through, you still took the time out to support me. George, you put together my first ever performance and I'll never forget that. Like I said before, it's tough to give a fuck about someone else's goals when everyone has their own, and not even that, going through the tough times you've both had, you still leave handprints on my blueprint. I've burned so many L's that I've lost a lot of memories, but I'll forever have the ones of you Nick, playing my music, showing pride in me, and even backing me up every time my young, wise-ass mouth started problems with other dudes. I shared joy with you dudes, I shared tears with you dudes, and I'll continue to share my life with you dudes.

I wanna thank the rest of the crew for showing support too. Even though at the end of the day, I take the direction I choose to go in, you've all helped build character and mold my music and my movement. I wanna thank my main man Lenny for always being open to conversations. One of the realest people I know, and I can't express the love I got for you, kid. You've always been nothing less than real with me, and everything we've ever talked about will soon happen, I promise you. And when it does, just know you good with me homie. Anthony, we've made some great music together that a lot of people enjoyed and loved, and we will definitely get back on the mic together soon. JJ, since back in Franny Lew, we would talk about this. I really don't ever think you knew I would still be doing it at this age, but I'm glad you understand it now and show your share of support. I respect you my dude. Same goes to the rest of you, there's a lot to name but a year or two ago, I never would've said that some people were showing me support. But now I realize, even if it's a 'Good luck. With your love for music, you deserve to make it', I thank you for just that quote. I also thank everyone who has come out to the performances I've done and showed their support through every one, whether it was a good or bad outcome. I respect that to the fullest. Steve, Bo, Baby Rick, Twins, Bry, Danny, Cuts, D, Budda, Taki, Gabe, Gian, Pete, Harry, Harry-et (lol), Kathy, JC, Ariann, Killahkee lol, Dean, Girl twins lol, Shordy, Anton, Matina and yo girlz lol, Sal, Sophia, Steph, Gabby, Boots and your crew, and whoever I forgot. (I went through my whole friends list so I don't think I forgot anyone lol)...and even the people who have not yet come to a show, (but who eventually will), and have showed support. One for instance being Joey Maio...I've known you before I met anyone else man, and the memories we have are cherished. We've been through so many good times, and even the bad ones where we would stop talking lol, but honestly bro, now that we've grown to be some respectful men, I wanna thank you for being apart of my life. I always respect you Joe, and like I told you before, I wish you and Nicole the best with your soon-to-come package :).

Big thanks goes out to my Flyboys in Astoria, Gus, Sal, Tony & Alex. It's very rare that someone will meet new friends when they're already 22 years old, and they have an impact on my life. You guys have showed unbelievable support in my music, and I never stop hearing about how you all believe in me. Real recognize and respect real. I do this for the people, and when it's all said and done, we're all going to be enjoying champagne somewhere, toasting to me making it.

Next up is my Florida boys, Aris, T-Vas and Sy. Aris man, you don't know how much I've enjoyed getting back in touch with you my brother. Who knew when we were 5 years old, playing around in Queens, we would connect again after you moved down there to make some serious moves and share the same passion and love for the craft behind the music, the writing, and the creativity. I feel like I can talk with you about anything because we share a lot of the same views. Aside from the music though, I respect everything you do and you know I got a huge amount of love for you, bro. For all the love you've showed me, I'm here to support you in anything you strive for. We had a great time when you & T-Vas flew up here, and I am so happy that you both got the chance to share my first performance ever with me. T-Vas my man, what can I say. You've been one of the realest mothafuckers since the first day I met you. I'm glad we got to make some memories here in New York, and you already know that we hookin' up again soon (no homo lol). Sy, I know you're in NY right now, and whether we meet up or not, I got your back with your movement too, my brother. You know any friend of Aris' is a friend of mine, but nonetheless I love what you're doing down there in Florida. I've followed your moves through your Facebook, and I'll be the first to tell you, you have a great deal of talent and a great head on your shoulders. Use your knowledge my man, me and you are the next best thing to hit hip-hop. I wish you the best of luck and success with your work, and thank you for taking time out and supporting me.

Never forget La Familia. DJ Jon Sotiria and the main man Nes, lol. You know, growing up my sisters always used to say it's pretty amazing how they ended up being the only girls in the family. I always used to tell them 'Who cares', but now I realize that I'm proud to have 'guy-cousins' lol, that share the same qualities and love for music as me. Jon, you already know what it is cuzzo, you stick to the gameplan, you stay steady with the hard work, and I KNOW you will become a great DJ one day. You're a smart dude, and anytime you get good things coming your way, I'm proud of you bro. Nes, big pat on MY shoulder for getting you back into the music, haha. Nah on the real man, no matter what anyone says, I respect you and your work bro. The small catalog of music you finished when you were in Miami is and will stay on my collection in my iPod. They say it's never too late to put your foot in the door, but regardless, when you have a passion for this shit, you'll be in that room one way or another. You know me and you have a lot of work to do before we can categorize ourselves with great names, but like I told you the other day...we STARTED hot! I told you, not even because it's MY music, but I feel confident saying I'm a fan of my own shit. I think we have a great collection of songs, and solo or not, we will continue to make a name. Thank you both for always having my back and for being great cousins.

I wanna thank all my Flyboys, from Jay to my main man L-J, to the rest of y'all. You all might not understand my love for this art right now, but slowly and surely, you will all believe in me, not because of my music, but because you will start to see how strong I believe in myself. And real people respect that, and each other. Much love to all of you.

Special thanks goes to Radiant. I believe an artist is at his best when he opens his mind, takes opinions/advice from another, being older or younger, and uses all the advice he gets to, at the end, mold and finalize HIS direction. For the few weeks I've been in your studio, thanks for the help you've given me, man. Big ups to your brothers too, one of the kindest and genuinely sweet (no homo lol) families I've met. Elijah!!!! You're filming my first video, man hollaaa!! Lol.

When this mixtape drops, before anyone becomes quick to criticise or rate it, I just want you all to know that I've taken a long ass time crafting every bit of music I have on it. My initial goal was to have it not only categorized as a hip hop project, but also let it be versatile, with blending other styles of music somewhere between the music. After all, I have a love and respect for every kind. I want you to know when I say I want to give people music that can make them feel good, that can make them dance, that they can use as a soundtrack to a situation, I really mean it. I don't say it to mimic or sound like these other artists in the game, I say it because I mean it. Music has played such a big part in my life, that I just want to let it have the same impact on others.

They can talk about who or what belongs in hip-hop, but in my opinion, I believe the older generation didn't care about anyone who told THEM what type of music they should listen to or make, so why not let the younger dudes do what they do? If they can gather a fanbase, who's to tell them to stop? I believe there's enough lanes for everyone to drive in, and there isn't a soul out there strong enough to kill my passion.

(F)earless (L)ife (Y)ou (B)uild, (O)vercomes (Y)our (S)truggles.....FLYBOYS.

Sincerely Yours,

..."Elevators" [RePete]...

We approach the finish line on the RePete project. I apologize for it taking so long, but perfection takes time. And this mixtape will be special.

"We movin' up, like we on elevators..."