Monday, December 20, 2010

- Complex Magazine's 25 Hottest Girls of 2010 -

"Let it be known: we at Complex are scholars of Women’s Studies. However, not in the academic sense. From who’s getting arrested (Captain Obvious says Lindsay Lohan) to who’s dropping a new single (when has Nicki Minaj paused all year?) to who’s posing nude on the cover of W (hint: rhymes with Sim Sarsmashian), we’ve been up-to-date with the current events in the female celebrity spectrum this year.

As we wrap up 2010, we’re looking back on the most notable moments of contemporary women’s history. A few veterans come back for another successful year, while some newcomers are poised to edge them out for next year’s top honor. As we countdown from 25, we can guarantee some of your New Year’s resolutions will be greatly influenced by these sexy women who will become your muse for 2011. But we didn’t really need to explain all that did we? Enough said; just go ahead re-familiarize yourself with the lovely ladies who made your 2010."

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