Thursday, December 2, 2010

- Sports Section: Lebron Returns To Cleveland Tonight -

Author: Devon Alexandre

"The time has arrived. The Miami Heat, and the small forward who bears # 6, will arrive into Cleveland for the first, and only time this season.

Though the Heat’s season has been somewhat of a disappointment, with coach Erik Spoelstra having his job on the line, Wade and LeBron not being on the same page, and the injury bug looming, we still find someway to hype this up. And with much reason…

The Ohio-native returns; the King of Akron is about to have a not-so-homecoming party. Not in wine and gold, but in red and black.

LeBron James, is returning to Cleveland.

As a Cavs fan, this could not be any bigger. My favorite athlete is returning to the arena, city, and team he practically built with a basketball. I can’t remember a “return”, to have this much hype. According to reports, Thursday night’s game is said to have the media, and audience of an Eastern Conference Finals. I’m not surprised.

This is pretty much an NBA Finals Game 7 for this Cavalier team. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love this team as much as the next guy, but unless Byron Scott gets things figured out quickly, they aren’t making the playoffs.

So, this is their Super Bowl. This is everything for the players, fans, front-office, and everyone in that city. They were screwed over this past July, and without a doubt, they want to send a message to the “self-proclaimed King,” as Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert said.

What can we expect from the city of Cleveland? To be honest, I have no idea. This is a sports crazed city, with die-hard and passionate fans. You never know what you’re going to get. But Cleveland officials aren’t messing around. They have already been in contact with the police department, and various security forces, to ensure LeBron, the Heat, and everyone else in that arena have a safe experience.

Those reports are according to ESPN, but Dan Gilbert doesn’t seem to agree with it. He made comments pretty much saying that it isn’t expected to be animalistic, but it won’t be a church service either.

With that said, I still believe there will be some nut job who’ll pull something stupid out of his rear — whether it’s streaking, throwing something on the court, or something of that nature. Let’s not lie folks, we are all awaiting to see exactly what’s going to happen.

But what’s in store for the Heat? As for the team themselves, I can only imagine the hate with which they’ll be drowned for taking the city’s icon. Wade and Bosh will walk in with smirks, knowing they have “the man”, while Cleveland knows they lost him. This can’t end well.

What’s in store for LeBron? No, he won’t get murdered or anything like that. And he won’t get intentionally hit in the groin or anything (at least I hope not), but he will be murdered spiritually, and I 100% believe that.

From the pre-game chalk toss (which he is rumored to do), to halftime, and until he walks onto that bus, LeBron’s spirits will be facing unbearable scrutiny. Sure, LeBron says he’s going in calm, cool, and collected; but you can’t believe it. He grew up there, he was raised there, and he became what he is today in that city of Cleveland.

But let’s not forget this is still a basketball game. The Heat are playing the Cavs. It actually might be tighter than you think.

The Heat are not only in a horrible slump at the moment, and lacking big man play, point guard skills, and better bench play, but are being hammered by the media, left and right. Spoelstra’s job seems to be on the line, and LeBron’s right shoulder doesn’t seem to want him there. As a matter of fact, ESPN even claim that Heat team members are beginning to question Spo’s coaching abilities.

But, this is still the Miami Heat, who have LeBron, Wade, and Bosh. Let’s not forget that.

As for the Cavs, they actually have something to counter Miami: great point guards. Mo Williams, and Ramon Sessions, are fast, athletic, streaky, and can run an offense. Exactly what Miami needs.

And with Byron Scott calling the plays, the point guards just might exploit Miami’s woes. Let’s not forget the emerging JJ Hickson, who can show a guy like Bosh numerous problems, with his strength and rebounding. This is still a game, NBA fans!

Yes, a game. But it’s also, “More Than A Game”, as LeBron would say. He’s coming back home. Not in a welcoming way, but on the other team’s bench. Almost like the villain we’ve been portraying him as. The media has this covered, the fans are ready to scream, curse, shout and holler, and I’m ready to witness. Are you?"

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Once again, credit goes to Devon Alexandre. I thought it was a great piece, and posted it.

Don't forget, CAVS VS HEAT 8pm ET on TNT

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