Wednesday, November 10, 2010

- Ryan Leslie: Give This Man His Laptop Back! -

It's a real shame that this man had to take a piece of his heart taken away from him. I can't understand who would be so cold to steal his laptop, when they know he has work, better yet ART, that he's worked so hard on in there. And that's not even the half of it. Photos of him and his grandfather in Amsterdam, and who knows what other personal treasure he kept in there. You people might not think it's a big deal, but when I heard the news that Ryan raised the reward, from 20k to 1 million, that shit really got to me and I felt for him.

I had a similar incident happen to me two days ago. My laptop, which I have basically my LIFE in there, just blacked out. The laptop itself runs, but the screen won't turn on. I contacted Apple, and apparently it's known as the 'black screen of death', and it happens a lot for certain models of the Macbook. I came to my knees and almost started crying, but luckily, I was told that the problem can be fixed and no work has to be erased. It will take up to 2 weeks though, so I was forced to push back the release date of my mixtape to December, but as long as my work is still there, I am happy.

So that being said, I really think whoever took Ryan Leslie's laptop, needs to do the right thing. I love this man's craft and everything he's about. He is hands down, number ONE in my book, as the only artist with class in his R&B music. He creates masterpieces, and doesn't do it for nobody else but us, the fans. He has played a HUGE part in inspiring my music and if there was anything I can do for him, I would. With no hesitation.

I hope you get your belongings back, Ryan. I really do. And you can count me in as a supporter for LIFE. Keep giving the people beautiful music, Ryan.

NOTE: The Gentleman's Handbook will be released December 2nd, 2010 instead of the 11th of this month, due to my work station being fixed. Sorry for the hold up, but trust's worth the wait.

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